Crypto Swap Limited

The World's Leading Cryptocurrency Hybrid Decentralized Trading Platform

Providing a safe, stable and efficient asset trading service to 1 million global professional cryptocurrency investors

Cross-Chain Asset Security

A return to decentralization, the user maintains control and keeps their private keys. Providing 100% of fund management rights control. Users’ assets are locked in smart contracts, with super nodes multi- signature to ensure the most robust safety and security.

Lightning Fast Trading Speeds

Complete orders within 3 seconds – the same trading speed as a centralized trading system. Achieve increased performance and security with the advanced consensus mechanism of our ByteTrade Blockchain.


A Perfect Cross-Chain Mechanism

The only true cross-chain solution in a decentralized trading system that supports BTC, LTC, USDT(ERC20), ETH, CMT and other mainstream blockchain assets, with ongoing projected asset expansion.


Global Redundancy and Reach

ByteTrade Super Nodes are deployed in 8 countries and on four continents and ensures the ultimate trading experience for users around the world. Our international team structure continues to connect with global quality projects.


Professional K-line Indicator Tools

Our transaction interface is based on the familiar centralized exchange experiences, and is easy to use. Plus professional customer service and support 24/7/365.