Crypto Swap

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Your Hybrid Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Providing a safe, stable and efficient asset trading service to 1 million global professional cryptocurrency investors.

Cross-Chain Asset Security

A return to decentralization, the user maintains control and keeps their private keys. Providing 100% of fund management rights control. Users’ assets are locked in smart contracts, with multi-signature to ensure state of the art safety and security.

Lightning Fast Trading Speeds

Complete orders within 3 seconds – the same trading speed as a centralized trading system. Achieve increased performance and security with the advanced consensus mechanism of our custom Blockchain and the top 100 DEFI tokens.


A Perfect Cross-Chain Mechanism

The only true cross-chain solution in a decentralized trading system that supports BTC, LTC, USDT(ERC20), ETH, CMT and other mainstream blockchain assets, with ongoing projected asset expansion. 

Global Redundancy and Reach

Our custom ByteTrade Super Nodes are deployed in eight countries and on four continents and ensures the ultimate trading experience for users around the world. Our international team structure continues to connect with global quality projects.

Professional K-line Indicator Tools

Our transaction interface is based on the familiar centralized exchange experiences, and is easy to use. Plus professional customer service and support 24/7/365.