Cross-Border Settlements

Crypto Swap provides our users with Global Cross-Border Wire Transaction Services to the destinations of your choosing. 

Registered users can send funds to a bank account in a foreign country (restrictions apply), to family and friends abroad, or for business users, to your suppliers, the list is endless.

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Analyzing the findings of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), the four most significant problems with cross-border payments are visibility, certainty, cost, and consistency. More specifically, 40 to 50% of respondents had issues with:

  • Tracking payments
  • Inconsistent processes and regulations
  • Unpredictable total costs
  • Inconsistency between the amount sent and the amount received
  • A lack of information about the payments sent and received

Knowing when payments would be credited


Because global payments are made across the correspondent banking network: a loose group of over 10,000 senders, intermediary, and receiving banks that follows the SWIFT messaging protocol. As the following diagram shows, this process is challenging to navigate because of the considerable number of parties involved in getting payment from point A to B.

This vast web of connected banks creates complications that cost companies both time and money. Each point within this network is a business and charges a fee for their service. And with so many aspects of failure, communication errors are inevitable.

If your company is large enough, you can employ specialists to manage this complicated relationship between your global customers, your global suppliers, and all the banks involved in sending a cross-border payment from point A to B. If your business isn’t large enough to eat these expenses, you must resign yourself to not having access to global payments without high costs.


Non-bank payment providers like Earthport, WorldPay, and Western Union Business Solutions have attempted to bypass the correspondent banking network. They have established local bank accounts capable of accessing local banking networks and facilitating cross-border payments in popular county corridors.

However, given the regulatory scrutiny, cost, and operational overhead of opening and maintaining these bank accounts, the actual reach of these companies will always be limited. Even with hundreds of bank accounts, no one non-bank payment provider will be genuinely global.

FinTechs (Financial Technology Companies) like PayPal, TransferWise, and Veem layer better customer experience, increased price transparency, and modern technology on top of a mix of their local bank accounts and the traditional correspondent banking network.

Non-bank payment providers and FinTechs can improve some of the issues that the correspondent banking network creates but are unable to solve their core problems.


Blockchain initiated payments solve all the pain points that SWIFT itself recognizes with global payments. The technology provides:

  • Transparent tracking of payments sent and received
  • A consistent process that cannot be arbitrarily changed
  • Upfront and transparent costs of sending payments
  • Exact amounts sent and received
  • Payment confirmation in less than an hour

In short, it is already challenging the “old” way of moving money across borders. However, there are two problems for businesses wanting to use blockchain payments.

First, the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is volatile. As a result, it is easy for company A to send company B precisely one bitcoin, but the value of that one bitcoin is likely to change. Second, because of its price volatility and how it is regulated and taxed, your financial team may have concerns using it.


This is where Crypto Swap comes in. The Crypto Swap platform removes price volatility and the need to handle cryptocurrency from the equation meaning the individuals and businesses that require cross border payments never need to touch or manage any cryptocurrency unless they want to.

Crypto Swap will also allow businesses to receive settlements in a variety of traditional currencies and one stable coin, US Coin (USDC), at a guaranteed exchange rate, and delivered to their bank account within two business days.