Thank you for asking the question, and also, taking the time to read through this document.

Most importantly, I would like to ask your forgiveness for the technical nature of this document. The next few hours may have you shaking your head in wonderment and expressing to anyone (or yourself) that “things sure have changed.” Have no fear; we have done our best to convey a comprehensive overview of the values proposed in this investment. We have included the familiar, including our distinct market segments, and the not so familiar, the unique exchange functions that will most appeal to our Member base. As well, we outlined revenue streams that show enormous potential ahead as we seek out our market share of a $2 Trillion (per year) revenue industry.

Please know that if we did “miss the mark” in our message, I’d be happy to go over any problem areas. It would be a shame if anyone, sincerely interested in hopping on the cryptocurrency revenue train, were held back because of our failure to convey this exceptional offering.

What are eWOO Tokens? Great question. The answer is surprisingly simple. Similar to the share structure that represents the ownership of incorporated entities, eWOO Tokens represent the ownership of Crypto Swap Limited, but with a few seriously significant alterations.

Let me start with the genesis of the Crypto Swap Limited. Crypto Swap Limited was incorporated in Canada under the Federal Corporations Act on October 17, 2014. It was clear to me then, with Bitcoin in its 6th year and hovering around $400 that a significant change was on the horizon, and with this change came opportunity.

I started my trip down the rabbit hole with several overseas conventions and some fascinating conversations with Government representatives. The focus of these conversations are on two critical issues; User Adoption and the Subsequent Tax Implications. It was not until March 2019 that I was finally able to visualize concluded my research.

To set the stage for this investment proposition, you need to know a couple of things.


You are about to read the specifics of a great idea in its GLOBAL ADOPTION phase. In this instance, the focus is exclusively on the adoption of Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, but not only Bitcoins, into the global financial marketplace. And to drill a little deeper, a) the specific ability for digital currency participants to reintegrate their assets into the global mainstream financial system, on-demand, and, b) a merchant processing solution free of risk and chargebacks, with fees at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. And without the dangers of volatile forex trades, the security of their assets, and, in full compliance with the Canadian Financial Authority.

Observe if you will that as hard as I try, I still can’t buy a hotdog at the local Canadian Tire with a Bitcoin. I know this because I tried it. And honestly, without some intervention in the adoption issue of cryptocurrencies, you will never be able to.

Here’s the thing; The guy at the “Street Meat Palace” laughed when I asked if he took Bitcoins. He said, “yeah, I get that a lot.” I asked him why he doesn’t set up a terminal? He said, “well you see, I sell you a hotdog for a bitcoin (or portion thereof), but by the time I get home that bitcoin is worth either 10% less or 50% more, or 75% less. I don’t have predictability on the value of the asset you gave me.” OK, honestly, he didn’t put it like that, his explanation was more “grunt grunt, don’t know what it is worth, changes all the time.” You get the picture. Well, let me tell you, I saw the light. My mind was going 100 kilometers per hour. I asked, “Why can’t we provide merchants the ability to take digital currencies from their customers and have them secured against the fluctuating price of the Cryptocurrency. And, in doing so, we take a little piece of the transaction for providing the service. Well, we can now.

Crypto Swap does that. Read on.

The other issue I came across in the past five years playing around with Bitcoins is: For the life of me, I cannot cash out my bitcoins without going through a bunch of hoops.

The cryptocurrency exchange I was signed up with at that time (Coinfield) had it all. Or at least I thought it did. I could exchange my Fiat (regular money) for all sorts of coins, and I could trade one coin for another. I could even sell my digital currencies for Fiat (regular) currency. To fund my account with Fiat, I was required to pre-register a single account, one that was in my name, and the address needed to match my identification. Fair enough.

To my chagrin, I realized that it’s easy to get my money into my account, but not so easy, or convenient, to get it out! I could only withdraw money from my exchange account, back to that same only bank account. When it came time to withdraw the regular funds, you know so that I could buy something substantial, like a car or a vacation, not a chance. There is just too much fraud and scamming going on in and around the cryptocurrency exchanges. The current exchange platforms do not want to deal with the risk.

Well, Crypto Swap does that too. Read on.

These innovative processes explained within these pages make Crypto Swap Limited’s eWOO Token Offering Event a unique and life-changing investment for the qualified investor.

And finally, according to Canadian Law, we have precisely 50 shareholder subscriptions available. The number on the cover of this document would signify your potential position if you chose to participate. Lastly, If you decide this is not your cup of tea, please return the material in the self-addressed envelope provided. That way we can recycle the used one and recycle the number as well for disseminated.

I look forward to our next encounter.

David Webb, CEO


Crypto Swap Crypto Currency Liquidity Exchange is a cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading platform that fills the service gaps currently in the cryptocurrency adoption landscape. Key Features:

  • Utilizes blockchain technology to solve pain points now found with global B2B Crypto to fiat payments, as identified by SWIFT.
  • Allows anonymous payments of $100 to $10,000,000 with the security of transaction tracking, ease of use software, and full government compliance.
  • It eliminates the risk of transaction price limits, volatility, and any regulatory uncertainty.
  • A market advantage with transactions over $10,000 and the enabling of cryptocurrency purchases with a credit card.
  • It is a registered MSB with FINTRAC and adheres to strict KYC/AML vetting processes to be fully compliant with the Canadian financial regulatory authorities.
  • Provides real-time Crypto to fiat conversions to their merchant base. Merchants seeking to offer digital currencies as an alternative payment channel can do so without the risk of currency fluctuations.
  • Is courting an industry that realized worldwide revenues above 2 Trillion Dollars in 2018.


Crypto Swap is a platform established with the cryptocurrency trader, internet business owner, and the cross-border remittance user in mind. With all the benefits that cryptocurrencies have brought about since their inception in 2009, Members are still not able to enjoy the freedom and spending ability that the fiat currencies provide. Despite the increasing exchange of information between the traditional financial status quo and the cryptocurrency environment, there remain huge gaps between the two systems. Crypto Swap understands that the only way to align future cryptocurrency adoption with the mainstream financial industry’s functionality is to provide a route to this “spendability” goal. To this effect, Crypto Swap has built its platform to facilitate a more robust interaction between cryptocurrencies within today’s traditional financial streams. The ability to convert Crypto into an actual mainstream “spendable” fiat currency, with ease, and in compliance with global regulators, is critical.

Crypto Swap takes the next step in the cryptocurrency evolution, creating a financial ecosystem of a new kind and one that benefits from the disruptive force of blockchain technology in combination with institutional-grade security, systems, compliance, and integration within the regulated financial system. It achieves this by allowing Members to easily and quickly, buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency, in support of their main proposition and the core feature of converting digit asset balances into Fiat currencies and transmitting the resulting Fiat into the mainstream financial flow. The purchase of high-value physical items with Cryptocurrency remains severely hindered by a lack of a proper venue proposition. Counteracting cross-border transactions and instability in the cryptocurrency market is the number one issue facing global participants in this space. The idiom “Cash is King” remains a steadfast trademark in today’s financial world. The solution to this adoption barrier is to facilitate the exchange of these high-value cryptocurrency units into the user-defined fiat currency and provide the user with a swift route for the distribution of the subsequent fiat units, into a tried and true vehicle in today’s spendability market, the regular fiat currency.

Crypto Swap has elected to facilitate this Crypto to fiat conversion into one of five main fiat currencies GBP, JPY, EUR, USD, and CAD. The sum of which encompasses 69% of the world’s financial currency space. The exchange process of Cryptocurrency to fiat currency hardly represents anything new. However, the critical aspect in the Crypto Swap process is the user’s ability to transmit these fiat currencies, derived from the liquidation of a supported cryptocurrency, to a broader scope, and to more international bank accounts destinations than are available now. Currently, Members on other exchanges are limited to a single, pre-determined, debit, and credit transfer point for their fiat deposits and withdrawals. This archaic proposition is no longer adequate for international crypto/fiat exchange participants.

Crypto Swap has elected to facilitate this Crypto to fiat conversion into one of five main fiat currencies GBP, JPY, EUR, USD, and CAD. The sum of which encompasses 69% of the world’s financial currency space. The exchange process of Cryptocurrency to fiat currency hardly represents anything new. However, the critical aspect in the Crypto Swap process is the user’s ability to transmit these fiat currencies, derived from the liquidation of a supported cryptocurrency, to a broader scope, and to more international bank accounts destinations than are available now. Currently, Members on other exchanges are limited to a single, pre-determined, debit, and credit transfer point for their fiat deposits and withdrawals. This archaic proposition is no longer adequate for international crypto/fiat exchange participants.

In addition to the liquidity prospect, Crypto Swap allows registered and vetted Members to make significant purchases of cryptocurrencies using their branded debit and credit cards. Crypto Swap’s partner company General Dynamicx Incorporated provides the conduit for high-value merchant service functions. With some restrictions, Members can quickly enter the crypto market with a crypto purchase using their debit and credit card.

Our mission is to bring responsible Cryptocurrency flows into interaction with mainstream financial markets, through an easy-to-use exchange. By allowing the liquidation and transfer of crypto assets, and fiat resources to the cross-border cryptocurrency traders and Business Members, Crypto Swap acts as a significant supporting provider behind the growth and advancement of the off-chain financial ecosystem, digital assets, and the blockchain economy.

Our vision is to curate a crypto liquidity exchange community that crypto enthusiasts, international businesses, and institutional investors can use to conduct cross-border payments, exchanging Cryptocurrency for fiat currency, and withdraw or distribute fiat balances easily and quickly, via a robust payment mechanism.


The fragmented nature of the current digital financial landscape has created an extremely high barrier to entry for mainstream participants, as well as a lack of options for companies with digital asset reserves to plug into efficient financial services. We believe that Crypto Swap is on the cusp of an acceleration of traditional financial services moving onto blockchain-enabled digital solutions.

There are several reasons why the options within current crypto exchange sites are insufficient for Crypto Swap’s focused Member base. Our Members demand higher value limits in transaction flows and a one-stop solution to the ever-increasing restrictions on international transfers safely and efficiently. Current regulatory fear, as well as the increasing costs in compliance and reporting requirements, the required increase in personnel and oversight, in addition to paralyzing vetting constraints, with almost all crypto exchanges in the current market, have created an environment that resists the large value user. In today’s crypto exchange marketplace, it can be uncomfortable and often even impossible for Members to withdraw, via wire transfer, sums over the $10,000 (or equivalent) to most destinations globally. Although these regulations are an excellent tool in the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering, they pose severe restrictions for the legitimate user.

Considering all the shortfalls of the current market, Crypto Swap was created to meet the Members’ need for more diverse, high value, financial services, by providing a growing number of Members, a globally compliant KYC/AML vetting process, which will be accelerating blockchain adoption and support the institutionalizing of the blockchain/conventional financial interaction. The uses for the Crypto Swap exchange reach individuals, industries, and sectors globally. It provides a clear and easy way to reach payment recipients, suppliers, and distributors, or sellers, buyers, and investors, quickly, through its primary cryptocurrency and fiat currency on-board and off-board ability.



Analyzing the findings of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial telecommunication), the four most significant problems with cross-border payments are visibility, certainty, cost, and consistency.

More specifically, 40% to 50% of respondents had issues with

  1. Tracking payments
  2. Inconsistent processes and regulations
  3. Unpredictable total costs, reflected in the inconsistency between the amount sent and the amount received
  4. A lack of information about the payments sent and received
  5. Knowing when transfers would be credited


Global payments made across the correspondent banking network (see image), include a loose group of over 10,000 senders, intermediary, and receiving banks that follow the SWIFT messaging protocol. As the preceding diagram shows, this process is challenging to navigate because of the significant number of parties involved in getting payment from point A to B. This vast web of connected banks creates complications that cost companies both time and money. Each point within this network is a business that charges a fee for their service, and with so many points of failure, communication errors are inevitable.

If your company is large enough, you can employ specialists to manage this complicated relationship between your global customers, your global suppliers, and all the banks in between, all of whom are involved in sending a cross-border payment from point A to B. If your business isn’t large enough to eat these expenses, you must resign yourself to not having access to global payments without the problems associated with this remittance flow in addition to the costs.


Non-bank payment providers like Earthport, WorldPay, and Western Union Business Solutions have attempted to bypass the correspondent banking network. They have established local bank accounts capable of accessing local banking networks and facilitating cross-border payments in popular county corridors.

However, given the regulatory scrutiny, cost, and operational overhead of opening and maintaining these bank accounts, the actual reach of these companies is limited. Even with hundreds of bank accounts, no one non-bank payment provider is genuinely global.

FinTechs (Financial Technology Companies) like PayPal, TransferWise, and Veem, layer a better customer experience. They increase price transparency and provide modern technology on top of a mix of their local bank accounts, and the traditional correspondent banking network. However, Non-bank payment providers and FinTechs can improve some of the issues that the correspondent banking network creates but are unable to solve their core problems.


Blockchain initiated payments solve all the pain points that SWIFT itself recognizes with global payments. The technology provides:

  • Transparent tracking of payments sent and received
  • A consistent process that cannot be arbitrarily changed
  • Upfront and transparent costs of sending payments
  • Exact amounts sent and received
  • Payment confirmation in less than an hour.

In short, blockchain payments are already challenging the “old” way of moving money across borders. However, there are two problems for businesses wanting to use blockchain payments.

First, the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is volatile. As a result, it is easy for company A to send company B precisely one bitcoin, but the value of that one bitcoin is likely to change. Second, because of its price volatility and how it is regulated and taxed, your financial team may have concerns using it.



Enter Crypto Swap. The Crypto Swap platform removes price volatility and the need to handle Cryptocurrency from the final solution, meaning the individuals and businesses that require cross border payments never need to touch or manage any cryptocurrency unless they want to. Crypto Swap allows Members to receive settlements in a variety of traditional currencies and one stablecoin, US Coin (USDC), at a guaranteed exchange rate and delivered to their bank account within two business days, all for a simple fee as low as 1%. No foreign exchange spreads (when trading Crypto to Fiat), no subscription fees, no other payment fees of any kind.


The five critical uses for the Crypto Swap Exchange Platform are:

  • Allows Members to take advantage of real-time fulfillment of exchange orders;
  • Crypto Swap facilitates the flow of funds derived through cryptocurrency liquidity and enables the user to the reintegration of funds into the international financial marketplace;
  • Facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies, via several onboarding techniques including, wire transfers, SEPA transfers, CHAPS, SWIFT, Interact, and high-value credit card transactions;
  • Using Crypto Swap as a trusted custodian of cryptocurrencies, allowing for the immediate access to exchange functions;
  • The ability to accept commercial-grade cryptocurrencies for the business owner from their target market buyers.

Crypto Swap B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C payments are also ideal for Members that:

  • Need to send and receive international payments of any size, from less than $1000 to over $10,000,000;
  • Want to expand into hard-to-reach regions;
  • Want to pay their traditional supplier base with cryptocurrencies, or cryptocurrencies exchanged for Fiat, earned as revenue;
  • Want to sell products and services to the global crypto economy (exchanges, wallet providers, hosting services, mining equipment manufacturers, gaming businesses, etc.)
  • Want to expatriate funds from their subsidiary’s sales in low liquidity countries to their regional corporate headquarters;
  • Are in the global south and want an alternative to the high costs of sending payments to western suppliers.

International payments are complicated, messy, and costly for businesses. Blockchain payments solve that, and Crypto Swap eliminates the risk of price limits, volatility, and any regulatory uncertainty.

There is no limit to the value of the transaction on the Crypto Swap platform (level 5 access required), which makes a marked difference from the current state of the heavily restricted global funds’ transfer market for any transaction that exceeds $10,000. Although feasible from a security and regulatory standpoint, this restrictive transfer limit is by far the most significant factor in deterring international companies and high net worth individuals from entering the crypto market, providing the core barrier to adoption that is so necessary.

Also, a robust KYC/AML compliance framework allows registered Members to undergo a single, one-time, intensive vetting process that includes several industry norms, as well as a few bespoke GEO IPV6 location protocols, unique Facial Recognition interaction, and, additional ongoing monitoring and reporting mechanisms. These procedures guarantee safety and compliance for all transfers. The result is a simplified yet secure process that allows clients to conduct transactions within the guidelines placed on limits and destinations of funds distribution.


Members of the Crypto Swap exchange platform can conduct cryptocurrency purchases with a debit and credit card – something nearly impossible to date. Currently, the option to purchase significant amounts of Crypto with a credit card is challenging to find and expensive. Now, there is no direct and efficient way for consumers to use cryptocurrencies for their intended purpose – as a digital currency – without going through exchanges, forex conversions, and massive ATM or debit card fees.


Crypto Swap has developed a single all-purpose mobile application for both iPhone and Android devices.

The most significant advantage of the Crypto Swap mobile app is the convenience registered Members enjoy when conducting all of the onsite functions of the exchange, on their mobile devices. The core features within this application allow ease of use for the Member, in a smartphone configuration, which is essential for the user in our target market. The Crypto Swap mobile app features provide mobile services necessary to compete in today’s digital currency environment. Services include; the convenience of balance checking, direct purchase options for all cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies from the members’ deposit account, the exchange of Fiat or Crypto, cryptocurrency wallets, and the buy/sell/trade activities, similar to those in the full desktop version of


Reward programs are all about tapping into customer spending you aren’t already getting – and then ensuring you continue to get it. With this philosophy in mind, Crypto Swap has also integrated a loyalty and reward program, as well as an exhaustive affiliate marketing system that incentivizes registered Members to bring in new clients. Crypto Swap enables members to earn rewards when promoting the service on the exchange and pays their customers using a terrific assortment of popular currencies, among them Woolongs (not to be confused with the eWOO Tokens, see inside back cover).

Crypto Swap uses this innovative multi-currency reward offering to not only drive sales but to secure new customers and increase retention & average customer lifetime value.


Despite the proliferation of cryptocurrency exchanges, there are no direct competitors in these service areas we address in this proposal. Therefore, the advantage and challenges of a first-mover effect Crypto Swap’s strategy and operations.


The only indirect competitor that can be seen promoting a similar service is BitPay, although its functionality is not as comprehensive as that of Crypto Swap, and it lacks large value transaction capacity. They offer merchants the opportunity to take cryptocurrency payments on their websites. However, it is the leading other cryptocurrency exchange platform due to the first-mover advantage within the brick and mortar Crypto to fiat landscape. BitPay facilitates cross border blockchain payments, which are transferrable to several countries, and Fiat currencies, but in limited amounts.

Namely, BitPay allows for the purchase of Bitcoins with certain fiat currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, MXN, NZD, SER, SEK, and GBP. Funds are transferrable on a global level on a scalable service allocation. The highest volume per transfer also advertised at a restrictive $10,000. Again, a debilitating financial limit to any high-value user.

BitPay currently occupies 3.72% of the crypto exchange market share, based on the service that facilitates Crypto to fiat conversion, and the targeted distribution of that Fiat – somewhat similar to Crypto Swap. They offer these services to brick and mortar businesses (regular walk-in stores), looking to accept Cryptocurrency as a payment source, a factor well within Crypto Swap’s purview, but the BitPay proposition is severely limited by volume restrictions.

BitPay is joined (see above) by several competitors in the crypto exchange industry, facilitating similar services, but none of these offer a complete solution to Crypto Swap’s target market.

As there is a lack of any real Crypto Swap market competitors, comparison sites were chosen on their Merchant Services Sectors propositions. The distribution of funds derived from the sale of Crypto to Fiat, followed by the transmittal of the Fiat to their merchants’ bank accounts. This process facilitates the reintegration of funds back into the financial market. All to allow the individual and merchant users a spend ability not found in today’s marketplace.

In comparing BitPay to its most significant competitor Sequence, BitPay has not yet become a large market share competitor, but it has the closest functionality to Crypto Swap in terms of its ability to be used in a semi-mainstream environment. BitPay was created in 2011 and did not enjoy the level of mainstream acceptance that Crypto Swap can gain in 2020.

BitPay has an annual revenue of $11 million, with an estimated company value of $40 million. BitPay’s main competitors are other exchanges offering the same Merchant Services “limited value” proposition; Bitfinex, Coinify, and BitGo. As of August 2019, BitPay has 17.1K fans on Facebook and 100.9K followers on Twitter.

Furthermore, BitPay does not allow transfers of over $10,000 to global destinations, effectively locking the wealth of its Members.

Crypto Swap has an advantage in the modern blockchain environment; it is clear that we are poised to gain stable market share in the industry, and attract customers through expanded products and services, to inevitably generate above-market growth. It is the first in the cryptocurrency liquidity exchange market that offers a comprehensive ability to trade multiple crypto coins into multiple Fiat currencies, with debit and credit card transactions using brands beyond the popular Visa, and significantly higher transaction limits.


Research conducted jointly by consultancy firm Capgemini and BNP Paribas Bank states that the total volume of digital payments is estimated to reach 726 billion transactions by 2020. With crypto acceptance still at a low 2%, the share of cryptocurrencies in the global digital payments pie is relatively small, albeit growing.

Payments technologies are going through multiple disruptive innovations, and uptake of Crypto as a medium of the transaction will take time. To put it in perspective, credit card adoption took nearly ten years to become an acceptable mode of operation, and Cryptocurrency, as a payment option, is just getting started. The conventional solutions in use today, such as Visa, MasterCard, etc. are centralized in their structure and hence have singular points of failure.

Being trustless and decentralized, the use of blockchain and crypto platforms offers some distinct advantages over permission-based means of payment.


Whenever someone swipes a credit card at checkout, the merchant is charged a portion of the transacted amount as fees. These fees are known as interchange fees and used for maintaining the payment network: the bank which issued the card, the payment processor (which may or may not be the issuing bank), the payment network provider, the payment gateway and the merchant’s bank.

All of these intermediaries get a share of the fee. The average interchange fee is 2% of the total transacted amount. For online payments, this is even higher, at 2.5%. MasterCard and Visa are planning to increase their charges further.

An average Bitcoin transaction costs less than interchange fees because BTC mining fees do not depend on the transaction amount. Case in point, a recent transfer of a $1B worth of BTC cost just $600 in mining fees. A similar-sized transaction over traditional gateways would have incurred millions in interchange fees.

Moreover, with the Lightning Network implementation, BTC transaction fees will be even lower than they are now. There are also a host of digital currencies available whose transaction fees are less than Bitcoin’s.


A median Bitcoin transaction takes 10–20 minutes to confirm. Other cryptocurrencies require much fewer confirmation times. Ethereum and Litecoin transactions settle within a matter of minutes. Yes, Visa and MasterCard do this in seconds; however, this is just part of the story. The money doesn’t reach the merchant’s bank account immediately. It takes 3 to 5 bank working days for the amount to finally reflect in the merchant’s bank account.

“Several minutes’ worth of confirmation time (with cryptocurrencies) is still better than waiting for half a week, while money is routed through different bank channels, and finally into one’s account.”

In traditional setups, the buyer is entitled to challenge this payment after a transaction goes through. In case the challenge is successful, this chargeback amount returns to the buyer’s account. Typically, the customer has a window of 90 to 120 days, within which he can challenge a transaction.

There is a prevalence of cases of abusing the system to get a refund without a legitimate complaint. On top of it, merchants themselves bear the transaction cost associated with this chargeback amount. A study by LexisNexis has shown that in case of chargeback fraud, for every $1 that merchants pay as chargeback, they end up losing $2.4.

“Crypto transactions, on the other hand, are irreversible.”

However, this process is hardly skewed against the buyer in cases of genuine refund requests. Platforms can use arbitration and escrow mechanisms to handle legitimate complaints. In addition to this, as the merchant’s wallet details are stored on a distributed ledger, all transaction records associated with it are publicly viewable and open to scrutiny.


Security is where the most significant contention lies. Whenever a payment is made through Visa or MasterCard, several centralized players are involved. For the amount to finally reach the merchant’s account, all the participants have to perform correctly and non-fraudulently. Moreover, credit/debit card data is exceptionally susceptible to theft. Cases of credit card fraud have been on the rise in recent years.

“As per a report by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), a total of 14.2 million credit card numbers were exposed in 2018, which was an increase of 88% over 2017.”

Crypto payments, on the other hand, technically peer to peer. The network is maintained not by centralized actors but by distributed and public nodes. Taking over a blockchain network requires enormously high resources.

For example, successfully launching a 51% attack over the Bitcoin network would cost something to the tune of $140 billion. Crypto transactions don’t require the sharing of sensitive data either. All you need to know is the public address of the receiver; your private key (which is your secret password) is used to sign the transaction and is never broadcasted over the network.

Institutional players, industry participants, and government bodies are now waking up to the benefits of crypto payments. For merchants, this also provides an additional option to offer to consumers to pay for their goods and services.


Allowing the merchant to accept cryptocurrencies and the benefits both in time and in functionality is terrific; however, the real barrier to adoption is the crushing fluctuations that cryptocurrencies are susceptible to, in real-time.

As an example, suppose a merchant sells a product or service for, let’s say, 1 Bitcoin, it is possible that when the merchant wants to convert that revenue to a fiat currency, to pay their suppliers, for example, the value of that bitcoin has almost certainly changed. And as we have seen lately, not always to the benefit of the seller. The barrier then is the time it takes for the merchant to receive and then liquidate the digital asset.

Crypto Swap has a powerful remedy for this significant barrier.


The Crypto Swap Platform takes the cryptocurrency fluctuation risk very seriously and has developed a working and proven remedy, which removes the currency risk fluctuation out of the equation for the merchant.

Real-time crypto-fiat conversions – Once the customer has paid for the merchant’s product or service, the Crypto Swap platform, if requested by the merchant, immediately convert the Cryptocurrency into one of the five supported fiat currencies.

A fiat settlement layer in the background allows these merchants to receive fiat currency while a customer can still pay in Crypto.

Crypto Swap building these payment solutions will push more merchants into the cryptocurrency adoption program. Signs of that are showing. Expect these signs to show up more often shortly.

A few compelling and unique marketing points for you, the investor, to ponder. Crypto Swap provides:

  • Merchants to Accept Crypto and get paid in Crypto or FIAT!
  • Merchants to arrange Standing orders for Automatic withdrawals.
  • BTC, LTC, ETH, WOO, and USDC stablecoin supported
  • Transaction history with transparent fees
  • Advanced real-time reports
  • Secure API and sandbox environment
  • The lowest prices in the industry
  • Global — Reach new markets instantly
  • Eliminate fraud — No chargebacks or ID theft
  • Reasonable costs of just 1% — No hidden fees ever



David has been involved in cutting-edge aspects of the finance world for most of his adult life. David Comes from a Swiss background, so it seems the financial calling was a forgone conclusion. He is known as an instrumental influence in the first credit card transaction successfully performed using an Internet Browser (Netscape V1.0), through an integrated API, to VisaNet in 1995, their founding year.

Along with years of experience navigating valid trials and tribulations of a first mover in the online payment processing space, David brings a unique focus and energy to this project. He has created a team of subject matter experts and professionals who encompass all the facets needed to ensure success. David is an entrepreneur and a lifelong learner of the digital currency and financial industry. David is excited about the opportunities Crypto Swap brings to the market.


Hafeez Iqbal is a technological and digital developer with expertise in payment solutions and payment platform integration. Hafeez is a strong leader with a proven track record for building secure financial transaction platforms that are safe and easy to navigate from a user experience perspective. Mr. Iqbal holds his undergraduate and master’s degrees in computer science and comes to Crypto Swap with over a decade of payment platform development experience. With user safety and security as the paramount focus, both Hafeez and Crypto Swap are poised to disrupt the current crypto/fiat exchange landscape to provide, safe, compliant, and affordable exchanges.


Julie Andaloro has been helping businesses tell their stories for over two decades. She has been a Marketing and Communications leader with progressive experience leading high-performance teams and spearheading the development of full-stack marketing, content creation, and thought leadership. Julie’s expertise in a wide variety of industries has created a well-rounded and robust influencing presence, focused, strategic, and solutions-minded thinker and one who is skilled at seeing the big picture from a tactical perspective. Ms. Andaloro has international experience working for several global industry leaders, including the British Broadcasting Corporation and Canada’s largest animation house, Nelvana, and currently resides in Toronto, Canada.


With over 40 years of cumulative electronic trading experience, Shift Markets was the natural choice to administer the technical aspects of our Liquidity Exchange. Shift Markets has a sharp edge at launching trading ambitions; observing macro trends and leveraging substantial scale trading opportunities is in their DNA. Shift Markets’ history in the FX space allows them to seamlessly integrate new fiat pairings with cryptocurrencies affording Crypto Swap unparalleled scalability and optionality. Their existing infrastructure enables Shift Markets to provide Crypto Swap with 24-Hour, responsive support services, letting them help us help our clients.


Under the strictest of scrutiny, this investment proposal is a brilliant opportunity for a few select investors. If you’ve read up to this point, you can’t help feeling a little of the excitement we feel every day here at Crypto Swap.

If you’re left with the feeling that you’ve “journeyed down the rabbit hole,” I offer a quiet lunch at the venue of your choosing in the beautiful” Niagara Region. I’d be happy to go over the proposal step by step, and it would be my pleasure. I never get tired of talking about this project. Send Randi (my EA) and email at, she’ll work with you to schedule a time that works best for both of us.

Here are a few points that I want to emphasize so you can fully understand the opportunity and responsibility when you chose to participate in the investment.

There is a finite supply of eWOO (10,000,000), and we’ve allocated exactly 1,300,000 for this offering. When they are fully scribed the only avenue to purchase eWOO is on the Crypto Swap trading platform, and at a price set by the seller;

eWOO trades live at noon, February 1, 2020, EST. The initial cost is $2.00 (CAD), twice the price of this initial offering ;

As an initial subscriber, you agree not to transfer or sell your eWOO Tokens until July 1, 2020. Any shares purchased on the exchange are from the Company’s treasury, and in minimal supply;

Crypto Swap is providing a vehicle to its members to send money to several receives. We are permitted to do this as a Money Services Business regulated by FINTRAC in Canada. To date, no other countries allow exchanges to offer this service to their members.

You are attesting to the fact that you are not a US citizen, as the United States has stringent rules regarding cryptocurrency offerings. It is by the grace of the Canadian financial authority that allows Crypto Swap to make this offer to all entities not based in the USA.

To take advantage of this Investment Offer, please review the Subscription Form for further directions.

Thank you for your kind attention.