The Crypto Swap Username & User ID

Please note, not all users will have a Crypto Swap Username and User ID. These protocols are for selected liquidity services offered to selected entities.

The username/user id is created on the Crypto Swap blockchain as your unique identifier and when compared with the use of conventional 64 character (or more) blockchain address, the username system has better legibility and is more readily remembered.

For example, if A transfers money to B, A will no longer need to copy and paste the complicated address of B, instead A simply enters the username of B and submits the transfer.


In all instances the username is case sensitive. It’s also critical that you take care in your transfers. Like when sending digital assets using the digital asset wallet address, if you transfer assets to a wrong Crypto Swap Username, the asset will be lost. We can do nothing in this situation because, like regular blockchain transaction, every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and once submitted cannot be reversed.

If you are faced with a situation like this we suggest you resort to diplomacy when contacting the incorrect receiver in order to remedy the situation. This remedy is a suggestion and the success or failure of your diplomacy is completely outside of our control.